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The Ministry was est. 27 June 2002 in Cape Town South Africa, and became a Government registered NPO 23 June 2011. Founder & Chairman: Pastor Charl. A. Isaacs.

Kathu, N-Cape South Africa is the base of FHSM. This is where we move from to preach the “Good News” to the Nations, nationaly & internationally.

FHSM’S Main objective are to:

1. Preach the Gospel of Christ across all Denominational, Cutural and Geographical boundaries.
2. Minister healing to the sick in mind, physique and all other areas.
3. Be a helping hand to the poor, orphans & widows.
4. Remoralize young people @ schools, colleges & universitues.
5. Infiltrating the leaders in places of authority eg. Courts, police, municipality etc.
The ministries secondary objectives will be to:

1. Equip people to do the same as above.
2. Set up healing centres, with equipped staff.
3. Train up young people to become healthy, mature leaders whom will influence their peers in a healthy manner.

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